Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 4.

Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 4.

Frame assembly


  • 8 prepared joints
  • 12 aluminium tubes
  • preassembled edge-covers


  • Allen key or screwdriver with 2.5 mm Allen key bit

Notice the orientation of the corner joints. The axis with supports always points up for lower side or down for upper side – parallel to Z-axis.  Also, notice how joints are oriented regarding front face and side faces. The z-axis clasp slits are facing right and left. Any wrong orientation doesn’t have any functional impact. The enclosure just looks better if joints are symmetrically aligned and are oriented with a “pretty face” to the front.

Insert the aluminum tube into the joints. With a help of the edge-cover align the distance between joints.

Use all 8 joints and 4 aluminum tubes to prepare the frame parts.

Complete lower part of the frame. Adjust the proper distance with a help of assembled edge cover.

Complete the upper part of the frame the same way as the lower part. If you want to install some extensions inside the box, do it now.

Now, insert the vertical tubes into the joints. If you want to use a camera, don’t forget to install extensions.  You can see camera holder for Raspberry Pi camera on the picture.

Complete the frame.  Again, use edge cover to adjust proper distance between join of upper and lower parts.

Prepare parts for the top wall installation.

Install the edge cover and fasten the top wall with the corner covers and bolts. Let the bolts loosely. You will tighten them after all walls will be installed.

Install the rear wall. For the bottom edge, use edge covers with openings for the cables.

Install the left and right wall.

Rotate the box, that the front side is facing up. Install the door frame.

Install all corner covers.  Tighten the bolts so that corner covers are fixed.  Do not apply unnecessary force, otherwise, you may damage the 3d printed parts.

Hang on the door.

Congratulations! You have completed the Y-BOX55 assembly

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