Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 3.

Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 3.

Front door assembly

Parts and Material
4 parts of  acrylic door frame  and door
nuts & bolts package number
[4] (joints and hinges)
[5] (mechanical lock)
a glue which adheres to metal and plastic

Allen key or screwdriver with 2.5mm bit
Pliers or a bit for 3M nuts.
Phillips screwdriver

Insert pins into the hinges. Use glue to fix it.

Flat joints and frame parts of hinges.

Pay attention to the proper alignment of the acrylic parts. If the holes are not matching – as it is shown on the detailed picture, flip the frame’s horizontal part.

Use the bolts and the standards hexagonal nuts to finalize the door frame.

Install hinges on the door. Use bolts and nuts with a hat.

Mount the door lock. Use bolts with hidden head and standard hexagonal nuts. For the door parts use nuts with the rounded hat.

Mount the door lever with a bolt and a square nut.

The front door is completed.

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