Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 2.

Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 2.

Corner-joints preparation

Parts and Material
corner joints A and B (BY01W45V02A and BY01W45V02B)
nuts & bolts package number [2] and [3]
a sheet of paper towel ( kitchen towel, hand towel, toilet paper – any fragrance allowed :-))

Allen key or screwdriver with 2.5mm Allen key bit
a small screwdriver, stick or Allen key

Use nuts and bolts from the package [2]. Put the square nuts into the sockets. Twist the bolt just to catch the nut. Do not tighten them. You will not be able to insert the aluminum tubes.

Now install the square nuts for corner covers into the sockets. Use square nuts from the package [3]

To prevent the nut from falling out of the socket we’ll fix it with a paper towel. From the paper sheet,  tear of a piece as large as a fingernail.

(Why not a more sophisticated solution? This primitive solution allows removing the nut easily if needed.)

Helping with a stick, plug the socket with a piece of paper.

Successfully one part prepared. You have to have them eight.

If you did all properly, the nuts & bolts package #2 is empty and you have used all nuts from #3. The bolts will be used later.

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