Traveling to Duesseldorf? This one page of concentrated information might be useful for you.

Short travel info Duesseldorf

Traveling to Duesseldorf? This one page of concentrated information might be useful for you.

If you plan to travel to Duesseldorf /Düsseldorf, Germany. This one page of concentrated information might be useful for you.

Airport Düsseldorf: DUS

Taxi: There is a taxi queue in front of the terminal exit. Drive to the city center costs around 30EUR to the Messe 20EUR.

Local trains and other railway transport:  Take SkyTrain to get to the airport train station – Bahnhof Flughafen. You must have a valid ticket  for SkyTrain.

Local buses: Local bus lines may be more effective than trains for some directions. The bus stop is near terminal exit just behind the taxis. Ticket can be bought directly by the driver.

Staff of the information center at the airport were very helpful with information about public transport possibilities.

Next day early flights
The Airport is silenced over night. The first departure is at 6:00 AM.  If your flight is so early, you don’t need to come 2 hours before as flight operators usually require. The check-in counters are closed before 4:30AM.

Local Public transport: Rheinbahn

Local public transport in Düsseldorf is operated by Rheinbanh AGIt covers local trains, city trains, trams and buses.  There is no undeground/subway in Düsseldorf, but the city-trains (Stadtbahn) travel under the ground in the city center. Their numbers have U prefix.

Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof the railway main train station  and the Heinrich-Heine Allee station are main interchange nodes.

With mobile Rheinbahn App  you can search for connections and purchase a ticket. Network plan is available in the app or here or check out the Reihnbahn webpage.

Tickets are also available directly by the bus driver (only buses) and/or ticket machines on stations and in train/tram carriages. Basic price of the ticket is 2.9EUR.

If you plan to visit some cultural and tourist attraction, the Düsseldorf Card  may be beneficial.  Purchase over internet page. You can choose validity period for 24, 48, 72 or 96  hours.  You will get free local transport  and  discount or free entry to some museums and the Rhein Tower (Rheinturm). Two days cost 15.5EUR.



Local Public transport


Die Messe (Trade Fair Show):

The Fair (Die Messe)

The main entrance to the fair is Messe Nord.  It is accesible by U78 and the station name is Merkur Spiel Arena/Messe Nord. There is another entrance Messe Ost. If you travel from city center to Messe you will first reach the station Messe Ost /Stockumer Kirchstraße. But the real entrance is still one bus stop away. You can go there by walk or take bus 722.

If you are not sure that Messe Ost ist better for you, I recommed to take U78 and travel to the Messe Nord.

Messe Ost stop is also a good place to exchange from a different line from any direction.

From airport take the direct bus 896.

For other info check out info at -> Leisure


I have good experience with  They operate 24h and have good prices.  It seems that their web page is not accessible outside Germany,  but  their  phone number is +49 211 33333

Another taxi operator is

Uber is also available, but I didn’t use it, because it was not possible to order taxi 24 hours in advance.

Disclaimer:  Published information is based on my personal experience in the time of my trip. It may change. Checkout the linked web-pages for actual information. This excerpt should you get basic orientation and find the required information more quickly. Any comments and feedback will be appreciated. Hope it helps. 

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