Filament Swatch (with a place for a note sticker)

Filament Swatch (with a place for a note sticker)

I have a collection of filament samples collected at multiple events from number of filament producers . I was looking for a suitable sample swatch model on internet. Despite that I was trying to resist and not to spend my time to model what already hundreds of people made again, I ended up with a new contribution. I didn’t find a model where I can easily notice some basic information about the filament.

Basic size of the swatch is 40 x 88 mm. It has three (20 x 40mm) areas with different thickness of 1 – 2 – 3 mm. Than place for a label sticker with dimensions of 35.6 x 16.9 mm (hopefully available worldwide) and a hole. The hole is suitable for M4 bolt, to hold multiple swatches together.

I print it with 100% infill. It doesn’t need more than 3 m of  Ø 1.75mm filament. The layer height is 0.2mm. Average print time is 30 minutes on Prusa MK3S.

The printed swatch gives you a good feeling about its properties like stiffness, elasticity, flexibility, color, translucency …

The model is available at:

Prusaprinters (Filament swatch with a note area)

Thingiverse (Filament swatch with a note area)

MyMiniFactory (Filament swatch with a note area)

A cover sheet from labels used.

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