Étui for filament swatches

Étui for filament swatches

ATTENTION: if you downloaded models before May 17th 2020, please download again new version of Etui_v2.stl.

Finally, for the swatches I have finished  design for an étui, (may be better to say a frame, but I like the word étui) to hold the filament swatches together. The first version had thinner walls and was very fragile. I ended up with 5 mm.

It holds 10 swatches and there is again,  a place for a label of size 38.1 mm x 21.2mm. If you have less than 10 swatches you can use a ‘placeholder’ washer.

I printed it with PETG with 30% infill.  You can use any other material.
0.200mm layer resolution print time is around 2 hours and it uses 25 grams of material.

Assemble with a M4 bolt and nut.

Use DIN 965A  M 4 x 45 A2  45 mm long stainless steel bolt with
M4  DIN 1587  nut with a hat

The model is available at:

Prusaprinters (Etui for filament swatches)

MyMiniFactory (Etui for filament swatches)

Thingiverse (Etui for filament swatches)

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