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Visit us at Maker Faire Vienna 2018

There is Maker Faire in Vienna, Austria next weekend (5th-6th May). We will be there! What can you see at our booth? Y-BOX55 our universal affordable 3d printer enclosure Universal 3d printed joints for building constructions from aluminum tubes Juice4halt  –  a capacitor-based UPS for Raspberry Pi (or other single board computers)  


About Y-BOX

I’ve developed Y-BOX for my own purpose.   Compared to PLA, ABS is more temperature resistant, elastic and not so brittle.  I was not successful in printing ABS before. Objects were deformed by warping. With this box, I get stable environment and temperature around 36-38°C (by 20°C ambient) and can print with the same quality as with PLA.  And worth to mention: the printer is now protected from our cat ( maybe I have to say that the cat is [...]


How to properly pause Octoprint to change filament manualy

Clicking on Pause in Octoprint  stops the 3d print.  The printing head remains on the last position. If you want to change a filament you need to move the print head on a better position. In standard settings, you don’t have a chance to resume the print successfully. The print head doesn’t return to the last position automatically. To be able to resume printing successfully,  you have enter some commands which will printer execute immediately after a click on Pause button and [...]