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Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 4.

Material: 8 prepared joints 12 aluminium tubes preassembled edge-covers Tools: Allen key or screwdriver with 2.5 mm Allen key bit Notice the orientation of the corner joints. The axis with supports always points up for lower side or down for upper side – parallel to Z-axis.  Also, notice how joints are oriented regarding front face and side faces. The z-axis clasp slits are facing right and left. Any wrong orientation doesn’t have any functional impact. The enclosure just looks better if joints are symmetrically aligned and are oriented with a “pretty face” to [...]

Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 3.

Parts and Material 4 parts of  acrylic door frame  and door nuts & bolts package number [4] (joints and hinges) [5] (mechanical lock) a glue which adheres to metal and plastic Tools Allen key or screwdriver with 2.5mm bit Pliers or a bit for 3M nuts. Phillips screwdriver Insert pins into the hinges. Use glue to fix it. Flat joints and frame parts of hinges. Pay attention to the proper alignment of the acrylic parts. If the holes are not matching – as it is shown on the detailed picture, flip the frame’s [...]

Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 2.

Parts and Material corner joints A and B (BY01W45V02A and BY01W45V02B) nuts & bolts package number [2] and [3] a sheet of paper towel ( kitchen towel, hand towel, toilet paper – any fragrance allowed :-)) Tools Allen key or screwdriver with 2.5mm Allen key bit a small screwdriver, stick or Allen key Use nuts and bolts from the package [2]. Put the square nuts into the sockets. Twist the bolt just to catch the nut. Do not tighten them. You will not be able to [...]

Y-BOX55 Assembly – Part 1.

Material edge-cover part A (BY03V01A or BY06V01A) edge-cover part B (BY03V01B or BY06V01A) Tools nuts & bolts package number [1] screwdriver with 2mm Allen(hexagonal) bit or Allen key Align the A and B parts Attach the parts together and fasten them with the bolt and square nut. Notice that the bolt sticks out a little bit.  Its a feature, not a bug. Don’t try to hide it! Continue to the part 2.

(Un)Packing the Y-BOX55 Maker’s Kit package

Learn what is in the package which you will receive if you order Y-BOX55 Maker’s Kit You will get one box with dimensions 60 x 60 x 12 cm with a weight of 4.5 kg. In the box you will find: four 4.5mm thick cell polycarbonate walls, five parts of acrylic front doors, twelve aluminum tubes and a pack of stainless steel fasteners. Each part is carefully checked and wrapped in plastic film to prevent scratches. Unpacked acrylic parts with the package of  [...]

How to print Y-BOX? Part 2

If you have printed all parts from  “How to print Y-BOX Part 1” you have 80% of the print job done. Here the rest follows. BY07V01 – upper corner cover  BY02V01 – upper corner cover with a hole (alternative to BY07V01) BY08V01 – bottom corner cover with an opening for base attachment pin Vertical shells perimeters:  2 recommended Infill density:  25% Infill pattern: Grid Support material: no Layer height: 200 µm Skirt:  standard Brim width: 0 (zero) Material: PLA, ABS, PET BY22V01 – door hinge BY23V01 – frame hinge BY24V01 – flat joint These parts are more mechanically stressed therefore [...]

How to print the Y-BOX? Part 1

(parts BY01W45V02A, BY01W45V02A) Printing the parts of the Y-BOX will make your 3d printer busy for a couple of days. But this is the only small price to pay for what you get: the worlds most color customizable,  extensible and lightweight enclosure for your printer. The first things to start with are the joints. It is possible to print all 8 joints at once. I suggest printing 4 joints – 2 pairs – 2 pieces of  A part and 2 pieces of B [...]

Couplings, joints and cams

3D printers are incredible machines. The FFF 3d printers are, for the most makers, affordable manufacturing automatons able to produce objects with an extraordinary precision. They almost literally can produce everything, what you can draw.  In a recent past, I needed to create a tent like construction which I can build and dismantle easily. There was nothing on the market, but lucky me,  I own a 3d printer.  I decided to use overall available 10 mm aluminum tubes for the construction rods and [...]